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Managed Print Services

Print Services

Managed Print Services can be a broad area. Qual SureAssist can help gain visibility and control of your printing infrastructure and culture, which helps to save both money and time, delivering a boost to organisational productivity as a whole. Our Managed Print Services (MPS) could help free up staff and budget at the same time as improving workflow efficiencies. ‘Printing’ refers to the total cost of your printers, the printed output and all of the administrative processes and people that support them. We include the following areas when carrying out an assessment on existing costs:

Manage Print Services
Manage Print Services

Key Features:

  • All print devices, multi-functional printers, copiers, scanners and high volume post room devices
  • Printed pages produced by all staff whether they are office based or remote worker
  • Consumable spend on ink, toner and any other supplies
  • Legacy maintenance agreements on existing printer devices
  • Man hours spent maintaining and supporting current processes
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