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IT Auditing

Understanding your network assets is the first step in planning performance enhancements or the deployment of a new service. In cases where acquisition, growth or restructuring and consolidation has taken place, not knowing the details of the estate can stop a project moving forward.

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Network Audit Benefits

A Network Audit documents your network assets, providing a detailed inventory and topology map so that you can understand and develop your network.

Our detailed audits free up your resources and our multi-vendor experience allows us to understand any device status issue.

We’ll provide you with a timescale for the audit, based on number of users, and will minimise the disruption to your business.

The Network Audit encompasses all aspects of the deployed network components including detailed documentation of the network topology and IP addressing employed at interface level as well as providing the following information by device, location and site:

  • Review the network topology
  • Review VLAN implementation
  • Review of software versions
  • Review network access security
  • Record link utilisation on critical/backbone links
  • Identify any errors seen on critical/backbone links
  • Record levels of broadcast traffic – VLAN configurations
  • Record levels of multicast traffic
  • Record routing protocols utilised and stability
  • Comment on overall network health status – good/acceptable/poor
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